Mission, Vision & Values


Through advocacy, impact of collective power, and mobilization of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities and allies, AIM for Equity is a force for health justice and ensures access to the highest quality and culturally competent health care.


Advocate: Advocacy is vital to the success of all our communities. We will coordinate and leverage local, state, and national policy and advocacy strategies that impact health care access, coverage, and equity, and work to reach equitable funding levels to support and expand Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander programs at the local, state, and national levels.

Impact: Communities that work together will move further and faster.  Moving forward together on progressive values and issues is critical to our success. We will have inclusive and culturally responsive leadership and stand for positive health equity and outcomes in all vulnerable populations and communities.

Mobilize:  There is power in collective action and voice. We will work with all our communities, large and small, to take action and make our voice heard by government, the private sector and other relevant institutions of authority. We will take a stand on legislation, advocate for policy change, and implement campaigns to achieve optimal health and wellness.