Our Story

AIM for Equity was born out of a concern within the Asian and Pacific American community for a stronger and more united voice in the country on both national and local issues affecting all Asian and Pacific American people.

Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders represent growing numbers in modern American society with unique histories and issues of concern that need to heard, valued and included at the highest levels of public policy making.

We are proud to live in America during a time in which the diversity of thought, shared values, and strong representative voices can and must contribute to the ideals of a participatory democracy upon which our country was founded.

Issues of health, education, employment, housing, food production, energy and caring for the environment continue to be important and pressing issues that challenge all Americans that seek equity, justice and fairness in 21st century America.

We have unique life experiences that need to be incorporated into the fabric of America that reflect strong family values, hard work, vibrant cultures and languages, and a deep connection to ancestral lands across the Pacific.

We define our collective voice as one that will bring greater healing, diversity and strength to a changing America and the world.

“ No task is too great when all pull together” – Mary Kawena Pukui, Hawaiian proverb
“From listening comes wisdom” – Ancient Chinese proverb