What We Believe


Mana’o: (Symbolism)

Essence:  The journey from “I” to “we”… as we are all in this together.

Our vision is a fair and equitable community, nation and world for all.

AIM : is the piko or “Center” from which “Aloha” (Faith, Hope and Love) emanates.  It is the fuel that drives the vision.

Red: is the passion for AAPI’s and Aloha for all

Blue: reminds us of our responsibility to each other and to the earth.  The dominate color between the sky and earth is Blue.

It is also about balance and harmony.

White: stands for purity of the things we think, say and do.

Ripple/incomplete circle: What we do – with the vision of AIM – can and will influence the generations to follow…  the work is continuous.