Policy & Advocacy


AIM for Equity believes that having access to quality, affordable health care is essential to building strong families, communities and a healthy nation.  AIM for Equity has established two advocacy priorities for 2014.

Ensuring effective implementation of the Affordable Care Act so that Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are enrolled and have access to affordable, high quality and culturally competent health care.

Passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a watershed moment in history – particularly for AA and NHPI communities, whose health needs have gone unaddressed for decades.  Yet, AIM for Equity understands we must all do our part to make the ACA a reality for the communities we serve. AIM for Equity members are joining with advocates around the nation to conduct education & enrollment outreach and to ensure implementation activities by the federal Administration and state governments are culturally competent, linguistically accessible, and inclusive of a diverse workforce.

Supporting fair and humane immigration reform that includes access to affordable, quality health care and safety-net programs for aspiring citizens. 

As a community that is overwhelmingly immigrant, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have much to gain from immigration reform and are particularly impacted by the intersection of immigrant-based eligibility restrictions on access to health insurance and health programs.  AIM for Equity supports local and national actions that address issues of mixed-immigration status families, non-citizens and those impacted by the 5-year bar.